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National African Immigrant & Refugee HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Awareness Day

September 9th

Awareness days have historically been established by community-led advocacy campaigns as a way to bring national attention, resources and policy change to sub-populations impacted by HIV and other diseases. There is growing data related to the disproportionate impact of HIV and Hepatitis B on African immigrants in the US. Unlike other communities, African immigrants do not have a federally recognized awareness day that promotes education and prevention. The current awareness days are inclusive of sub-groups within the African immigrant communities, but do not comprehensively address the unique social and cultural factors within the African immigrant community HIV/AIDS and viral Hepatitis epidemic. For example, the materials are not sensitive to the determinants that fuel the epidemic among African immigrants, such as languages spoken by the population, immigration status, gender power roles, health literacy and others.

September 9th is designated as NAIRHHA Day. The purpose of NAIRHHA Day is to bring national and local attention to the HIV and viral Hepatitis needs of African immigrants living in the U.S. in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. The creation of a national awareness day will also support the eradication of other epidemics fueling or related to HIV disparities among African immigrants, including Tuberculosis, Substance Use and Mental Health.

  • raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and viral Hepatitis to eliminate stigma
  • learn about ways to protect against HIV, viral Hepatitis and other related diseases
  • take control by encouraging screenings and treatment, including viral Hepatitis vaccination
  • get involved by advocating for policies and practices that promote healthy African immigrant families, communities and individuals

To address this, Cameroon American Council (CAC), Multicultural AIDS Coalition (MAC) – Africans For Improved Access Program (AFIA), Congressional African Immigrant Caucus Institute (CAICI) and African National HIV/AIDS Alliance (ANHA) are collaborating to lead mobilization efforts with a goal of institutionalizing the National African Immigrant and Refugee HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Awareness Day (NAIRHHA Day).

How can you get involved?

STEP 1: 



  • Tell others.
  • Educate others about the needs of African immigrants in the US.
  • Share the petition link with others.



Host a NAIRHHA Day event. If you are interested send an e-mail to chioma.nnaji@gmail.com for more information and resources.



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